Day 51: Eden Island to Pearse Islands

Day 51: Eden Island to Pearse Islands

Saturday, August 3

We’re setting ourselves up to be in Telegraph Cove tomorrow to meet our David, David’s friend Jesse, Linda (Jesse’s Mom) and another David (Jessie’s step-dad), so made out way to the Pearse Islands which are directly across Johnstone Strait from the cove. Jesse and family will be camping at Telegraph and we’ll take them out to see whales (hopefully) on day trips.

After leaving Eden Island, today’s travelling took us on a meandering path among islands and islets and out onto Queen Charlotte Strait, and then south to Blackfish Sound. A number of humpbacks were milling around Stubbs Island as usual, but we kept moving, heading for a little bay on the edge of Weynton Passage that has a lovely view east down the strait. With the anchor down, we did some housework to make the boat clean and tidy for our guests, then paddled to some islets outside the bay. There are kelp beds among the islets where we like to hang out and watch for action in Weynton. A bunch of seals were hanging out in the kelp too, and as I looked down to see what was on the ocean floor about twelve feet below me (mostly green sea urchins), seals were swimming under my kayak. So cool! Ron was photographing seals and birds while I was looking down, and we were hearing whales blowing out in Weynton. Eventually one of the whales came close and we realized it was a minke — our first sighting of a minke this year!

Later we went ashore to burn some paper packaging and explore the beach where we had cooked dinner over a campfire two years ago. There was a perfectly good plastic lawn chair on the beach which we rescued — no point in it becoming more plastic garbage to litter the ocean!

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