June 27, 2014: Phoenix Creek, Kitkatla Inlet, Porcher Island

June 27, 2014: Phoenix Creek, Kitkatla Inlet, Porcher Island

The tide was low this morning and we were preparing to row over and walk into the lagoon to try to spot the crane, when it came flying back across the bay, announcing itself with its unmistakable call. It landed on the shore where we had been walking yesterday and Ron rowed in to try to sneak up for a photo, but it flew again before he could get anywhere near close enough for a good shot.

We pulled up the anchor after breakfast and headed off to do a perimeter tour of Kitkatla Inlet, circumnavigating Gurd Island. Kitkatla is a large, horseshoe shaped inlet, wrapping around Gurd Island, with numerous reefs and islands along the shore. Part way up the north shore I spied two deer and three sandhill cranes grazing together on a grassy foreshore. Right at the head of the inlet in Serpentine Inlet, was a big raft of surf scoters and white-winged scoters. The rain started again as we were coming down the south coast and continued off and on for the rest of the afternoon and evening as we sat at anchor back in our snug anchorage behind the Phoenix Islands. Luckily we have books to read, knitting projects to work on, napping to do and card games to play, so it was all good.

We’ve been keeping tabs on the eagle family, watching them come and go, and twice heard the female on the nest (I’m making a gender assumption here) chittering and making alarm calls to her mate when she spotted another eagle in the vicinity. The male swooped in and chased the interloper away and all was calm again. At low tide, a stone fish weir is clearly visible at the mouth of Phoenix Creek and the eagles sit in the trees above, making us speculate about whether or not the weir traps food for them until we realized there is a breach in the weir.

Wildlife seen or heard in Kitkatla Inlet: sandhill cranes, Pacific wren, great blue heron, surf scoters, white-winged scoters, loons, marbled murrelets, Steller’s jay, crows, bald eagles, cormorants, seals, gulls, deer.


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