Day 11: Millbrook Cove to Pruth Bay, Calvert Island

Day 11: Millbrook Cove to Pruth Bay, Calvert Island

Monday, June 24

We raised the anchor at 7:30 this morning with a gentle rain falling and no wind. We were hoping to benefit from a flood tide to carry us up to Pruth Bay on Calvert Island. That theory worked until we left Smith Sound and entered Fitz Hugh Sound at which time we lost a tide-related knot of “speed over ground.” As we passed False Egg Island we spied a blow — a gray whale was feeding tight to the island, working back and forth along the shelving shoreline.

It rained most of the day, but with no wind it was pleasant travelling. I knitted and made soup in my nifty pot that fits on our small diesel stove. The entrance to Pruth Bay is a five mile long channel that exits left from Fitz Hugh Sound. At the end of the channel is the Hakai Beach Institute, a research facility that used to be a private lodge owned by Americans (Google Hakai Beach Institute for more information). The Institute kindly blankets the bay with wifi signal (no password required) and so we were able to reply to email and update this blog. They also have a webcam on the dock, so if you look quick before we leave, you’ll see Snug anchored out, slightly to the right:

When the rain let up a little we donned our wet gear and rowed to the Institute dock which welcomes dinghies and then followed the signs to the West Beach trail. This is a beautiful trail that leads to a spectacularly beautiful sandy beach. The last time we were here, Ben and Steve boogie boarded in the surf and David (age 13 months) toddled around on the sand.

It’s overcast now but calm, and we are looking forward to exploring this fantastic cruising area in the next few weeks — so many anchorages, channels and islands to choose from!

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