Day 17: Rescue Bay to David Bay

Day 17: Rescue Bay to David Bay

Sunday, June 30

We woke this morning to the call of a loon and heavy rain hitting our deck. We were gearing up for a lay day, since going up to Fiordland seemed pointless with the sky so socked in. But by 10 or so, the sky had cleared and the sun was shining again. We resumed our trip up Mathieson Channel, heading over to the mainland side to get closer to the waterfalls coming out of McPherson Lake. Water was coming down the cliffs everywhere, some just a ribbon falling from a great height and disappearing and reappearing before entering Mathieson Channel, and others with a greater volume of water tumbling down the mountain side. We noticed some pictographs on a rock face just below McPherson Lake (the lake was not visible to us but marked on the chart), then the biggest waterfall we had seen up until then. That was soon surpassed by a really spectacular waterfall where Lessum Creek falls into Kynoch Inlet. We ran down the 9.4 nautical mile length of Kynoch (.7 nm wide), pretty much awestruck by the sheer granite walls rising out of the sea and the numerous waterfalls along both sides of the inlet. Valleys and bare rock bowls led off into the interior and areas of snow were visible high above us. It was amazing! Then, to make the day even more incredible, we passed a small group of orca slipping quietly down the inlet. We saw them on the surface twice, then they disappeared. Right up at the head of the inlet, snow had piled up at the base of a cliff, then water had created a tunnel in the snow.

An inflow wind picked up and the abrupt drop off made anchoring uninviting, so we swung around and headed back down again, hugging the north shore, finding several more pictographs along the way. We passed through Mathieson Narrows and into Mussel Inlet heading for David Bay where we dropped the anchor in a small patch of water with reasonable anchoring depth and took a stern line ashore to hold us there. Mist rolled in as we got ourselves settled.

Disaster! As Ron was transferring today’s photos from camera to laptop this evening, iPhoto crashed and we lost three days worth of photos.

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